built, dressed and Shot at rancho deluxe, near disney ranch-during the covid 19, global pandemic

built and Shot at the firestone building and downtown LA

built and Shot on a very hot day on a stage in the valley

Shot on stage at Chandler-one take-no cuts-lots of rehearsal

and 16 tries

built almost entirely on stage in north carolina

built on stage at universal, this was the 17th design option

the gas station was built in the middle of nowhere, 3hours north of santiago, chile.

smoke and mirrors, nothing is what it seems

built entirely out of bud light, cans, bottles, vacuform cans and custom can wallpaper on the downey studios backlot

shot at the sunkist building in the valley-the lab was built in the basement, mailroom.

built and shot on a stage in the valley-everything had to work perfectly to get the shots. challenging but a lot of fun

built at the stub hub parking lot, the ontario airport baggage area and the coliseum.

the guitar showroom was built in the office space, then removed to shoot the office space